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A dark Belgian malt variety. High germination temperature. Taste processing at temperatures up to 220 ° C, intense aroma.
EBC 120

Cara Gold gives the beer a strong caramel-like flavor and a unique toffee flavor and a deep reddish color. An excellent feature for all caramel malt varieties is the glassiness. The glassy meal body produces the desired non-fermentable components that give the caramel malt the ability to improve the mouthfeel, foam life and stability.

For dark and black beers. Up to 20%.

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Origin: Belgien
Supplier: Castle Malting®

Yield: 78.00 %
Potential: 1.036
Color: 120.0 EBC
Max in Batch: 20.0 %
Moisture: 8.00 %
Protein: 0.0 %
Coarse Fine Difference: 0.00 %
Diastatic Power: 0.0 %

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