Crystal T50 – Simpsons

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EBC 150
This caramel-copper-colored malt variety gives the Amberbier and dark lager malt a malty flavor. Compared to other traditional colored malt varieties, the Château Arôme has a higher enzyme power and adds a milder bitterness.

aromatic and colored beers. Suitable for beers with a pronounced malty taste. Belgian ales and German Bock beers. Up to 20%.

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Origin: UK
Supplier: Simpsons

Yield: 78.00 %
Potential: 1.036
Color: 150.1 EBC
Max in Batch: 20.0 %
Moisture: 4.50 %
Protein: 0.0 %
Coarse Fine Difference: 1.50 %
Diastatic Power: 0.0 %

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