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Color: 50.0 EBC
Max in Batch: 15.0 %
Château Biscuit® malt gives the beer an intense “roasted” note. Gives the beer a flavor of warm bread and a biscuit flavor. Château Biscuit® gives the mash a medium brown, warm color. This malt variety is used to enhance the roasted aroma. The aromas are similar to black and chocolate malts that are typical of ales and lager. It contains no enzymes and should be mashed with other malt varieties that have high enzyme power.

For all special beers and also for English ales, brown ales and porters. Up to 15%.

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Origin: Belgien
Supplier: Castle Malting®

Yield: 77.00 %
Potential: 1.035
Color: 50.0 EBC
Max in Batch: 15.0 %
Moisture: 4.70 %
Protein: 0.0 %
Coarse Fine Difference: 0.00 %
Diastatic Power: 0.0 %

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